How to get American Express Credit Card Approval?

You have finally narrowed down to the cards you want to buy from American Express! That’s great!

But now comes the next step – the approval to get the card of your choice.

Now it is mandatory that your credit scores and credit history will be checked before the card is sent out to you. Your credit history looks excellent, so you’re not worried about that.

But AMEX has some other criteria as well before they approve your credit card. Let’s look at the requirements AMEX seems at for accepting your credit card.

How to get American Express Credit Card Approval?

american express credit card approval

1) The number of cards you already have.

AMEX maintains that you are allowed to have a maximum of 5 AMEX active credit cards at a time. They count personal as well as business cards in your name.

The five cards may or may not include any of the charge cards. Charge cards vary from credit cards as they there is no spending limit on them. A credit card has a spending limit, but that can be carried forward to the next month.

So ideally, if you have round 5 credit/charge cards from AMEX, it would be advisable not to apply for another card from them, as it’ is more likely that it might get rejected.

2) The number of cards you have applied for and the timing of the applications.

There is a limit to the number of cards you can apply for and a time frame for it.

  • One can apply for two cards on the same day – it can be a combination of one credit and one charge card, or 2 charge cards.

It is possible that one of the two cards won’t be approved as the credit scores will be affected. The credit score check will be done separately for the cards, and that may affect your score adversely.

  • It takes 90 days for more than two cards to be approved.

As both the cards are approved separately, it can take up to 90 days for these to be accepted.

3) Welcome bonuses you have received in the past.

If you have received the welcome bonus in the past, you might not get the approval of another card. There have been times when the customers buy the cards only for the bonus.

Your credit card might get approved, but you won’t receive the welcome bonus. Some of the cards specifically mention this.

If you have availed of a particular bonus for one card, you will not be entitled to the same bonus for any other card. It would be wise for you to check your cards and the bonuses you have availed in the past.

In spite of the conditions that AMEX has put forth for the applications, there is no hard or fast rule about this. This means that you can get a new credit card whether or not you meet the above criteria.

There have been situations where customers have received the cards in spite of not meeting these conditions. However, it would be best to check your scores and details for eligibility on their website. This will help you if they have to go through a hard inquiry with your credit score.

PS: If you haven’t already narrowed down to an Amex card already, check out guide on the best American Express credit cards here.

All the best for you to get the card of your choice!

How to get American Express Credit Card Approval?
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