Which is the Best American Express credit card for you?

It’s great that you have decided to get an American Express Card!

But we have a whole range of cards for you to choose from – as we want all our customers to get the best deals as per their requirement.

What are the requirements you are looking for in your credit card? What are your basic needs? You can check the range of the cards and choose the one best suited for your particular needs.

There is three most aspect of the credit cards that a person looks for in a credit card:

  1. A card that gives a fixed return as per the spending.
  2. A card that earns reward points. (That can be in the form of miles as well.)
  3. A card that earns points which are transferable.

Having decided the reason for you to get the cards, you can now look into the criteria for choosing that particular card. The criteria to look for are

  • Annual fee
  • Benefits
  • Earning Rates
  • Welcome Bonus

Let’s look at some of the cards with these criteria in mind. Please note that you might not get the Welcome Bonus if you already have one card with AMEX.

Which is the Best American Express credit card for you?

best american express credit cards

The Amex every day ® Credit Card from American Express

Annual Fee: This card has no annual fee, and so you need to pay only the amount you have spent using the card.

Benefits: There are no unique benefits as there is no annual fee.

Earning rates: You will make 2 points per dollar when you shop in the US supermarkets. After you have spent $6000, you will earn 1 point per dollar.

Bonus: If you spend $1000 within the first three months, you will earn a bonus of 10,000reward points.

Analysis: This is an excellent card to have for your exclusive personal use. You can get that added benefit when you shop at supermarkets. With no annual fee, it won’t affect your pocket even if you have the minimal usage.

The Platinum Card from American Express

Annual Fee: The annual fee is $550.

Benefits: For such a high annual fee, AMEX offers a lot of benefits. It gives you

  • Access to 1,000 airline lounges
  • $200 airline fee credit annually to cover some of your travel expenses
  • $200 Uber credits each year
  • Waiver of the foreign transaction fee
  • Gives you complimentary gold status with SPG and Hilton group of hotels

Earning rates: You gain 5 points per dollar when you spend on flights and hotels though AMEX travels. You win 1 point per dollar spent everywhere else.

Bonus: When you spend $50,000 in the 1st three months, you will earn 60,000 points. You can even end up with 100,000 reward points if you have been targeted for their exclusive offers.

Analysis: This card is the most useful one for your business travels. You get all the possible benefits that will make traveling that tad bit more accessible. It’s most important aspect is the waiver on the foreign transaction fee.

These are the two cards at different ends of the spectrum. There is an entire range you can choose from, depending on your usage.

You can be assured that if you have an AMEX card, you will get all the possible benefits from it!

Which is the Best American Express credit card for you?
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