– Activate Your AMEX Card Now! is the official website from American Express for their customers to confirm their credit cards.

This process of confirming card is a simple one, but very important one as you’ll be able to use your credit card only once you’ve confirmed that you’ve received your card.

To access confirmcard right away, visit the link given below:

But wait!

Have you done this before? I guess you haven’t. In that case, you’d want to look at the step by step guide for confirming your American Express credit card. This page is about that too, read the guide below!

NOTE: If you prefer activating your card on phone, skip to the phone activation part here.
Card Provider American Express
Online activation available? Yes
Phone activation available? Yes
Official website
Direct Link Click Here

Questions answered by this how to:

You must be having these simple questions regarding American Express

  • How do I confirm my American Express credit card online?
  • How can I activate American Express card online?
  • How to confirm American Express card?

Here we answer all the questions, read on for the guide to confirmcard:

How to confirm your American Express card?

Follow the below given steps to confirm your American Express card using the official website,

  1. First of all, visit the page in the official website of American Express credit card: (not americanexpress/confirmcard, be sure that you type the correct URL if you’re typing it). You can either type it on your address bar or click on the below given link to access the above link.
  2. Now, on the next page, you’d be greeted with a huge credit card styled page.
  3. Here, enter the details that are asked on the space given.
  4. After entering all these, click on “Continue” button.
  5. On the next page, you’ll be asked to register a new account if you don’t have on already.
  6. Click on “Yes” and proceed to create your profile.
  7. Complete the whole account creating your own username and password.
  8. Also give correct answers to the security questions on the page.
  9. After completing the profile, your card will be confirmed.
  10. And you can use the username and password you used on creating the account to login to the AMEX card profile next time around.
NOTE: This above button is linked to the official website of American Express for confirming cards, we do not own that website nor we do not provide any card confirm services. You can verify the authenticity of that website by checking the address bar of your browser for “American Express Company” in green letters.
americanexpress com confirmcard

How to confirm your American Express card on Phone?

So you were not able to confirm your American Express card online using americanexpress com confirmcard website?

Or do you just prefer the good old way of confirming your card through phone?

Well, we got you covered, with the American Express confirm card on phone here.

So here’s the toll free american express confirm card phone number for card activation for Amex cards:


Now, if you need a step by step guide for this, here it is:

  1. As you guessed already, the first step is to call the number given above.
  2. Now, a customer representative will ask you which card you want to confirm.
  3. Answer it with the type of your AMEX card.
  4. After that, give in the details when asked.
  5. Complete the process and after that, you card will be confirmed.

If you’ve any doubt regarding the American phone confirming process, use the comment form given on the end of this page to comment your issues. We’ll try to solve it for you.

NOTE: In case the phone activation method given here didn’t work, you can now directly contact the Amex customer support. Click here for their details. confirmcard F.A.Q

Below given are some of the common questions regarding to American confirm card website:

Question: Is it necessary to confirm my AMEX card?
Answer: Yes, it is necessary to confirm that you’ve received your card. As your card will be active only if you confirm it.

Question: Is the confirming card process simple?
Answer: If you checked the steps given in the section above, you can see that it is simple and as we’ve mentioned the steps simple enough, it’s just a piece of cake.

Question: I’m getting error on the website/the website is not loading correctly. What should I do?
Answer: First of all, check if you’ve typed in the address of the site correctly (if you chose to type it in the address bar yourself). It must be Now if its correct and you’re still getting errors, their server must be down and you’ve to come and visit this after some time.

Question: I’m having some other issues too, how can I contact them?
Answer: American Express has a 24/7 customer support team, waiting to be on your service. You can contact them if you come across any kind of issues. We’ve a section on this page, where we list all the available customer support methods for Amex. Scroll down!

Question: Do I need to remember the username and password of
Answer: Yes, you should remember americanexpress com confirmcard login username and password, as it is needed to login to the american express credit card login website again in future.

American Express Customer Service

If you got into any hiccups while confirming your card on, you can always contact the American Express customer service for help.

NOTE: If you’re not able to confirm your card using the online method given above, these are the people who you’ve to contact. 

American Express Support Phone Numbers

Below given is the customer service phone number of American Express, which is available anytime you want.

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (Domestic) 
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (International)

American Express Live Chat

Use the below given button to start the live chat help of americanexpress/confirmcard.

After clicking on the link above, sign in to your account. You’ll see an option to start live chat on the page.

American Express Mailing Address

You can also contact them using their mailing address given below:

American Express Customer Relations
02-04-404315 S 2700
WSalt Lake City
UT 84184-0440

About American Express

It is a wonderful initiation by an America Multinational Financial Services whose headquarter is situated in Three World Financial Center in New York, United States. American Express Credit Card is most popularly known as Amex. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the world which provides you various financial services with the help of different types of credit cards it provides to you. You can now easily go for shopping, dining, traveling privileges with the help of this wonderful card services. It provides best services in credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheque businesses.

American express is one of the credit cards that offer to the dining, shopping, movies, discounts on lifestyle and more. One must know that the American credit cards are more popular among the people in terms of providing excellent services. Also, the documentation given for the card is also simple. For your information, Amex cards have various types of cards which will be giving a different kind of services for the customers. Check the about us page on American Express official website to know more about them if you’re interested to!


It is a public institution which was basically initiated on March 18, 1850, in Buffalo, New York, United States. This financial institution came into existence after the merger of different financial institutions. It is one of the world’s best financial institutions which are successfully providing its wonderful services worldwide. This wonderful financial institution which originally started as a small financial group has now extended its branches in different nations with the help of associated affiliations along with other companies. If you want to know even more about the company’s history, visit this page on


This wonderful credit card service provides you amazing services with the flexibility of paying charges it includes. The American Express Credit Card services provide you various rewards, exchange coupons and cash back offers so that you could enjoy the unlimited fun with it. The best part of this credit card services is that it enables you to access you the credit card 24 * 7 at different affiliated stores.

Moreover, it also enables you to book your tickets for airlines, railways, buses, movies and also pay various bills also in a very easy and convenient way. The American Express Credit Card services also enable you to get Zero Lost card liability, Emergency Card Replacement in all places where you can easily redeem the card.

Things required for registration

  • Minimum age limit for appearing for the card services is 18
  • Should have clear credit history in various governmental and semi-governmental services
  • The registration and the company should be more than 18 months before appearing on the card.

Eligibility criteria

It is essential for the people to follow when it comes to applying for this card. So, people who all are looking for it can follow below.

  1. The candidates must have a minimum of 18 years of age to apply.
  2. Also, you must have the good level of credits past without any defaults in terms of payments.
  3. One must know that the individuals should have at least 12 months of experience in the business.

Different types of the American Express Card services

  • American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: It is the best credit card services in which the financial institution offers various complimentary rewards and cash back offers are being provided for the credit holders which they can easily redeem at various stages.
  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card: Platinum Reserve Credit card is specially designed and developed for the people especially for making reservations in different places such as hotels, buses airlines etc.
  • American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card: As the name indicates this Platinum Travel Credit Card by American Express is specially designed and developed for getting various benefits such as reward points and reward travel vouchers on various purchases.
  • American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card: As mentioned in the name this wonderful card of American Express is specially designed and developed for getting various rewards on planning your trips on

Other AMEX cards

  • American express gold card
  • American express platinum charge card
  • The American express platinum travel credit card and more.
  • These are the cards which are available for the people in terms of providing the services.
  • Premium credit card

If you want to know more about these credit cards and their features, visit

NOTE: You’ve to follow the same steps mentioned in this page (given above) to complete the process of confirming using americanexpress-comconfirmcard website.

When it comes to platinum travel services, you can get services overall kind of travel needs.

The card also offers travel accident insurance, purchase protection, medical insurance and more.

Also, the rewards points will be added to thousands of redeeming options.

More than these features you could find a number of features and benefits from this card. Then, people who all are wishing to apply for this card; you need to follow the eligibility criteria. Let’s have a look what are all the criteria you should follow.

More Types of American Express credit cards

Here are the various types of American Express cards which you can use the americanexpress com confirmcard to activate the cards:

  • Blue Cash Everyday American Express Card
  • Amex Everyday credit card
  • American Express platinum credit card
  • Blue cash preferred Amex card
  • Premier rewards gold card from American Express
  • Blue Business Plus American Express card
  • Blue gold rewards Amex card
  • Simplycash plus Business credit card from Amex
  • Business Platinum credit card from American Express
  • The PLUM card from American Express OPEN
  • Business Green rewards American Express credit card

There are also some more American Express credit cards which you can activate using this website (, which are the cards from partnerships that American Express has with other brands. Which are also possible to confirm, if you are having any of those cards, do confirm your card by following the guide above.

I hope you were able to complete the sign up process and confirm you card using Now, if you were not able to confirm your card online using the official link, you should contact the American Express customer support, they’ll help you with the process. Write down further doubts regarding this on the comment section given below. – Activate Your AMEX Card Now!
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